The Delicate Fox promotes body and soul care to amplify your self care and inner wellness rituals. 

100% Plant-Based & Non Toxic
Skin care is wellness. We take pride in our quality herbal blends and pure ingredients. That's why we let them shine instead of hiding them under toxins, fillers or animal fats.

Made For Delicate Skin
All of our recipes are personal. The Delicate Fox cares for family, friends, and it's owner. We make every batch with that same love and care.  Everything is handcrafted and batch-tested.

Every ingredient matters. Our products are meant to nourish the skin and nurture the self. They have multiple uses and intentions. Even our packaging has meaning. We use BPA free amber glass to preserve the freshness of each product. Please reuse your bottles and jars.

100% Black Woman Owned
The Delicate Fox was established July 2016, and is based in Phoenix, Arizona