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Chamomile Tea & Lavender Toner is the best. Reduced my acne, hydrated & smoothed my skin after one use


I LOVE the milk bath. It's really lovely. I've tried quite a few & most disappoint. Super moisturizing, light scent & nice amount (I tend to be heavy-handed w the bath). Btw, love the packaging. Modern, minimalist...looks perfect on my bathroom shelf. Will definitely order again

Michelle A on Etsy

I have a pretty boring face routine. I rotate between Cetaphil and Cerave every couple months, moisturize daily and I'm done. This has worked for me for years so of course I was skeptical to try the Clay Mask. Boy! am I glad I did. Even after only 2 uses, I can see and feel a certain "calm" about my skin. It's pretty! I've never really had bad skin, but I am so happy I was able to run across this product and incorporate it into my routine.

Destini H on Etsy