pure & natural

Every product is handcrafted with pure ingredients, never useless fillers. Whether it's a bath, scrub, or butter, our high concentration of quality herbs and oils ensures that you'll get exactly what we promise - nourishing products you feel safe using. Take a look at our ingredients; you won't be disappointed!

Gentle and Effective.

What makes our baths so special

They're best sellers for a reason! We infuse organic herbs into our baths in three different ways to guarantee a strong potency when it disperses into the water.  Because of this, what you're soaking in is pure, skin-loving flower water. Think of it as tea for your body.

When it comes to our milk baths, the addition of casein free coconut milk enhances the other properties by aiding in exfoliation, skin softening, hydration. Then, to top it off, we add organic hand-ground oats to make these moisturizing benefits last well after your soak.

Watch Kendra describe our White Tea & Sage Bath as one of her favorite products.