Environmental Impact

A majority of our ingredients are grown right in this very earth, which is why we're committed to taking care of it. 

Send Back Your Jar
Our packaging is made out of 100% glass, which keeps scents fresh and protects our products from UV. Once you've finished using your product, you can clean out your jar and uses for a variety of different purposes.

When it comes to sustainability, the best thing to do is reduce waste entirely. If you aren't planning on reusing your jars, or you want to do good for the environment, you can send them back.

Email: hello@thedelicatefox.com
Subject: Send Back My Jar

Template: Hello! I'd like to do some good by sending back my jar(s) from {Order#}. I have {x jar/bottle amount}

We'll email you back with a return label. Make sure to clean out your jars/bottles, and save the bubble wrap from your order to repackage them. Ship them off by putting them in the collection box at the post office or having it picked up.

Once we inspect your package, we'll give you $10 for every set of 4 viable jars/bottles sent in.

Locally Harvested Botanicals

In an effort to reduce waste, all of our loose herbs are harvested by local growers, often in small batches. Overall, 55% of our ingredients are locally sourced, or sourced in small communities where the ingredient grows naturally. By 2022, we hope to focus our efforts on replenishing ingredients for environmental sustainability.

Ethical Sourcing

For ingredients we can't grow, we ensure that they're fair-trade, harvested sustainably and well-tested. 

Eco-friendly packaging wrap by 2022