Environmental Impact

Community Care & Ethical Sourcing

The reality is, as important as it is to practice self care, for most it is a privilege. Self care for all means practicing community care. A majority of our dried herbs are sourced locally from women of color owned businesses. Our focus is on enriching vulnerable communities and encouraging a safe space for vulnerable people.  We're constantly strive to practice community care, finding new ways take care of each other. 

Reuse & Reduce 

We package a majority of our products, which keeps scents fresh and protects our products from UV. Glass is non-porous, so it won't leave behind a residue. Once you've finished using your product, you can clean out your jar/bottle and use it for a variety of different purposes like:
  • DIY Hair/Face Masks
  • Herbs, Teas, & Honeys
  • Cotton pads, Q-tips

If you aren't planning on reusing your jars, or you want to do good for the environment, you can donate them to your local thrift shop.