Ritual Like a Taurus

Ritual Like a Taurus

Happy New Moon, everyone. This New Moon is in Taurus, encouraging a grounding energy, a strong sense of getting back to you. Today is all about dedication to yourself, your goals, and your foundation. Here are some ideas on how to savor all of this wonderful influence the new moon is bringing. 

Get Centered
This new moon energy is perfect for grounding and getting focused. Taurus exalts stability, and asks us to reflect on how we build and conceptualize it. Ground yourself first by creating a safe, cleansed space. Declutter your environment. Speak positively into the air, and breathe deeply. Consider writing down a few simple goals along with actionable steps.

Grounding helps you set yourself up for the things you really want in life. It's an important step to manifesting your desires. Getting back to you means releasing limiting beliefs, and opening up to a more optimistic mindset. Some people find that journaling without a particular purpose helps them free their mind of things they didn't even know they had built up. 

While many people think Taurus is a sign of strict living and diligence, it's also about appreciating the beauty of life. The Taurus New Moon encourages us to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. To open our eyes to the things we've already manifested and understand our power.

The Green Goddess Ritual Set (pictured) is perfect for relaxing under this new moon. Rosemary, infused with other grounding herbs, has a way of connecting you with the earth, pushing you to stay focused in the present.

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