Self Love Ritual Set

The Wine Down

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A collection of red wine infused goods

Features Blend No. 04: sensual aromatherapy with ylang ylang, jasmine, + rose-geranium enhanced by notes of berries

The Set

The Wine Bath Soak / Merlot Facial Mask / 8:44 Red Wine + Ylang Ylang Soy Candle

Palo Santo Bundle: Palo Santo, Organic Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, + Rose Quartz

The Wine Down Playlist: Includes a QR scan code to enhance the vibe

The Ritual

The perfect feel-good ritual, promoting self love by opening the sacral chakra with ylang ylang + honey. Blend No. 04 aromatherapy heals the root chakra for a ritual that encourages the release of insecurities.

+ Start the ritual by using the Palo Santo Bundle to purify the energy of the space.