Holiday Collection Samplers

Room & Linen Spray

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Your stocking has never smelled so good. Choose from a variety of scents that are sure to bring in holiday cheer. 

Salted Caramel Cacao

Smells like Sunday morning, cozied up with the perfect book - buttery baked goods, luxury dark chocolate, and a hot vanilla latte topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle

TOP: Warm Brown Butter
MIDDLE: Caramelized Vanilla Sugar, Toffee
BASE: Mocha

Lavender + Palo Santo

Lavender and Palo Santo create a soothing floral aroma, balanced out by woodsy undertones and sweet notes vanilla. The perfect blend before bed or during quiet meditation.

TOP/MIDDLE: Lavender, Vanilla
BASE: Palo Santo

This blend is fragrance free and only uses 100% essential oils. Great for aromatherapy and people with sensitive noses.

Chamomile Cinnamon Sugar

Smells like sugary goodness - cereal milk rich with cinnamon and soft scents of oats.

TOP/MIDDLE: Breakfast Cereal, Milk
BASE: Baked Chamomile, Cinnamon

Spiced Maple & Apple Butter

Smells like early morning breakfast in autumn - oven roasted apple slices, hand-ground spices, and sweet maple syrup

TOP/MIDDLE: Dried Apple Granola, Maple, Nutmeg
BASE: Buttermilk, Brown Sugar


2 fl.oz / Amber Glass Bottle / Organic Grain Alcohol / Lab Tested Pure Essential Oils and Phthalate Free Fragrance