At the soul of The Delicate Fox is the intention to change the way we think of skin care. Skin conditions and racist bullying lead me to an unhealthy relationship with my self image. For me, skin care was about fixing my problems no matter the cost, and this way of thinking only lead me further down a path of low self-esteem.

It wasn't until I discovered what it meant to care for myself that I was able to begin healing from years of damage. Herbal and holistic practices empowered me to make conscious decisions about how I treat my body. They sparked my creative spirit and took through a beautiful journey that eventually birthed The Delicate Fox.
Now, I am proud to manifest these ideals by formulating products
that promote beauty and nourishment beyond what is skin deep. Our goods are infused with the energy of organic rose, organic chamomile, and other plant-based ingredients. With these specific blends, The Delicate Fox sets out to make multi-use products that can amplify your meditation, cleansing rituals, and inner wellness, while providing amazing topical benefits. 

- Kaelin Sharee, Owner & Operator
[every product is crafted with my hands and created from my mind