About the Company

Handmade Vegan Cosmetics for Delicate Skin

The Delicate Fox started out of a need for pure and natural products that cater to sensitive skin. This is why skin and body care sold by The Delicate Fox takes a gentle approach, avoiding harsh detergent-like chemicals and fragrance. Each product has it's own unique and special benefits. Products are also packaged in glass to improve and preserve quality, as well as promote recycling.


About the Owner

My name is Kaelin. I've grown up with sensitive skin, and a skin condition that has made finding cosmetics expensive and difficult. After losing so much time and money trying to fix skin that I began to feel ashamed of, I redirected my energy towards nurturing myself. This meant ditching a lot of my old cosmetics. After much needed research and studying, I began making my own products. When I did, I unleashed the beautiful skin I had underneath, hidden by products packed with ingredients I couldn't even pronounce. The Delicate Fox is really a reflection of journey and I am proud to share my handmade, luxury products with all of you.