About the Brand

The Delicate Fox was birthed in Phoenix, Arizona, on July 24th 2016 by Kaelin Sharee. Every item sold is made for sensitive hands by sensitive hands. And the sensitive hands that make them, they belong to me! 

Like so many people, I've had a long history of struggle with my skin. I've tried many products and spent a lot of money trying to shed what I felt was unlovable. Then, it clicked for me. I stopped trying to fix my skin, and started trying to care for it. 

How to properly nourish delicate skin has always been the focus of my business. It's why I only use plant-based, vegan and trustworthy ingredients in my products. Sometimes this means I have to grind herbs, infuse oils, and blend ingredients by hand. 

It's a lot of work, but it's completely worth it because all products by The Delicate Fox are a reflection of me. When you use them to nurture your body, I hope you realize the beauty of your skin too.