The Gift Guide

With our shopper's guide, you can find what speaks to your personality. Each collection is curated for a special type of person so you can self care just how you like. Explore the personalities to find perfect pairs, unique blends, and great gifts that show you really know them.  

The Plant Mom

Refreshing, earthy blends for a unique type of person. The Plant Mom loves scents that take them to the greenhouse. Fill your space with smells of misted botanicals, tropical fruits, and ocean air. For aromatherapy, these blends are perfect for morning routines and grounding rituals.

Fresh Herbs | Tea Leaves | Citrus Trees

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The Dreamer

Soft blends inspired by ancient bedtime rituals. Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile, and other scents The Dreamer can get cozy with. For aromatherapy, these blends are perfect for quiet meditation.

Lavender Milk | Cocoa Butter | Chamomile

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The Minimalist

A collection for someone who loves the classics. Keep it simple with easily recognizable scents. These basics are often our customers' first love, and encourage them to try more unique blends. 

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The Softie

Fragrance oil free blends for sensitive souls. These light scents make great base layers, as they gently enhance bolder fragrances. Alone, they're perfect for those who are overwhelmed by strong smells, or have delicate skin. 

Fragrance Free Blends | Soft Scents | Sensitive Skin

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The Flower Child

Alluring floral scents for a vibrant personality. These blends call out to your inner Flower Child - fun loving, confident, and carefree. They know how to grab your attention, with strong fruity top notes and lingering scents of fresh flower petals.

| Hibiscus | Rosewater | Apricots | Berries

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Shop for the Moment

Sometimes we aren't shopping for anyone in particular, but we know exactly which scents make us feel at home. Capture moments with nostalgic aromatherapy blends that transform your sanctuary into some of your favorite places.

Road Trip

Enjoy scents that take you far away.

| Beach Vibes | Fresh Air | Summerdaze |

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Classic smells from your local coffeehouse. 

| Desserts | Warm Butter | Mocha

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Early Mornings

Invigorating blends to start the day.

| Morning Motivation | Sunday Brunch |

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