Wooden Wick Candle

5:15 Honey Lemon Sage

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Smells like watching the sunset at the beach - the soft transition between day and night perfectly describes the way sweet scents of raw honey blend into tea leaves and ocean air

TOP: Honeycomb, Lemonade
MIDDLE: Garden Sage, Sweet Buttercream, Sea Glass
BASE: Vanilla Breeze

Blend No. 05

Soothing aromatherapy blend for embracing changes and going with the flow. This scent has many stages from lemon zest buttercream to garden sage, eucalyptus, and sea salt. More from this collection:

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12 fl.oz / 60-84hr+ Burn / 100% Soy Wax / Lead-Free Crackling Wooden Wick / Includes Cork Lid

Lab Tested Pure Essential Oils and Phthalate Free Fragrance

Safety: Always keep wick trimmed to 1/8” before lighting to ensure a clean, even burn. Extinguish candle every 4hrs. 

Natural ingredients may cause discoloration (browning/yellowing). This won't effect the quality or safety of your product. 

Store in a cool, dark place - away from direct sunlight. Soy wax is sensitive to environmental factors (including fluorescent light). Keep the lid on your candle to protect it from dust, debris, and scent/color loss.